Local NETS



  • Sacramento Valley Traffic Net: 9:00 PM, 146.850 MHz (GEARS Repeater)


  • Butte County ARES – Amateur Radio Emergency Services Net: 8:00 PM, 145.290 MHz (BCSCR Repeater)


  • GEARS Club Net: 7:30 PM, 146.850 MHz (GEARS Repeatr)


  • North Valley Simplex Net: 7:30 PM, 146.520  MHz (National 2-meter Simplex Calling Frequency)



Any licensed ham is welcome to participate in any of the nets listed above.   Please feel free to contact the net control for more information about joining the roll call, or tune in to the net and transmit your call-sign when the net controller asks for visitors to check in.  GEARS encourages participation in local nets, and we are pleased to provide the GEARS repeater to host local nets as a service to the community.

GEARS Local Net Coordinator: Larry, KA6GND

*Times listed above are Pacific Time (PST/PDT)

The GEARS Repeater may be accessed:

Band Frequency Offset PL Tone (CTCSS)
2m 146.850 -600kHz 110.9Hz
70cm 440.650 +600kHz 110.9Hz