The GEARS new website seems to be shaping up nicely.  Most of the pages from the original website have been copied to the new WordPress-powered website, with web-hosting donated by Rick Hubbard.

Many Thanks to Stephen McDermott


As we celebrate the christening of the new GEARS website, let’s also take a moment to thank Stephen McDermott, W6AKF, for his pivotal roll in creating the original GEARS website, way back in the early years of the internet, and for his original insight and inspiration, and for his many uncounted hours of work, and years of steadfast service maintaining and nurturing and the GEARS website almost single-handedly since the beginning.

The GEARS website would absolutely not be what it is today without Stephen’s steady stewardship over the years.  We look forward to his ongoing contributions to the new website, with help from GEARS new volunteer web team, to share some of the work-load, so Stephen won’t have to do it all alone.  Thank you, Stephen, for your many contributions over the years, and hopefully for many years yet to come.