Thank you Michael Favor, N6FAV for conducting the program at our January meeting, a fine presentation on SDR – Software Defined Radio. As I did last year I have strived to make sure that we have a variety of interests for our programs, and this one showed how amateur radio is keeping at the cutting edge of technology.

It was very sad news this past week to hear of the passing of one of our members, Nick, KK6WUF. Nick was so young and interested in growing as a ham, he will be missed.

Upon consensus of those present at the January meeting, I will be conducting them this year to make them as fun, casual and interesting as possible. We will be forgoing much of the business reporting since much of it is reported in the Radiator in the Minutes of the Board meeting. Anyone is welcome to attend the Board meetings held the 2nd Saturday each month, or call one of the club officers with any questions regarding the operation of the club. Items that need to be voted on by the club of course will be brought to the membership at the General Meeting.

73 for now.

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